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Comments on The Lucubrator, April in Paris, and The Absolute Worst IF Game In History

The Lucubrator: (played 30 minutes)
- "info" lists testers. "x me" was changed from default. Good!
I liked Jeff's reactions while he was calling, and that's about all that impressed me about this game.
Actions are usually critically timed and underclued. Descriptions are too sparse. Worst, the author forgot to remove the standard message "Violence isn't the answer to this one."

Score: 2 X

April in Paris: (played 30 minutes)
- No particular flaws in execution, but the game as a whole didn't grab me.

Score: 4

The Absolute Worst IF Game In History (played 5 minutes)

The title says it all, really. It's not even an interesting sort of bad, like the Clueless Bob Newbie games. Just wander around a while and you may randomly get "You have won."

Score: 1 X

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