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More comp08 comments (Piracy 2, Buried in Shoes, Search / Ultimate Weapon, Red Moon, Everybody Dies)

Comments behind cut:

Piracy 2: Played 1.5 hours

- X ME: default. Testers: a few
- No immediate typos noted.

Another well-executed game. --------------

I didn't enjoy it quite as much as Afflicted, though.

Score: 7*

Buried in Shoes: Played 10 min

Buried consists of a series Holocaust-related images with minimal connection. It doesn't really work as IF.

Score: 2

Search for the Ultimate Weapon (played 45 minutes)

- Windows only. No mention of testers or

- No transcript feature

- Doesn't support "x".

- A few turns in, it turned the background all red.

- Whenever SUDS doesn't understand a command, it gives a blank response. And sometimes a command it does understand (TAKE ROPE was one) will get a blank response.

- I ran into guess-the-verb early on with the bottle. (I was trying the verb "use".)

- Objects mentioned in text are rarely implemented.

- No, the background changes color every few turns, according to time of day/night. I guess it takes 2 hours to put the hood on.

- No, it understands "use", but just usually doesn't respond; verbs like "tie", "swim", and "enter" get a "You don't know how to ____." response.

- Then I got stuck again at slicing the moon. Guess-the-phrasing again.

- Talking to monks after crossing the river repeats text.

- Side effect of point 8: the poisoned monk or the prince will gladly wait for a few days while you stand over them mulling their fate.

- Fortunately, the game ended shortly after that.

I had a negative view of SUDS the last time I looked at it, and this game hasn't done anything to improve my opinion of the system.

In brief, the game was short, sparsely implemented. The text at least was decently written, but otherwise there was little good to say about it.

Score: 2X

Red Moon: (played 15 min)

- No about / info / credits verb
- "x me" overridden, and no immediate typos
- What's with the way details keep changing each turn?
Well, it was logical in the end, but the game was still too lightweight to get a high score.

Score: 3

Everybody Dies: (played 30 min)

- Nice long list of testers. Hope he listened to them.
While I didn't notice too many actual bugs, the game felt sparse. The first puzzle in the second part wasn't well explained. (I expected only orders like "examine" to work and not "go".)
There's an interesting game at the core, but it needs to be better developed.

Score: 4

Not mentioned previously, but I'll send my transcripts to any author who's interested.

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