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Both Duels, Grand Quest, Condemned, buried chaos, Byzantine, Snowquest, Interface, Invisible Man

Duel that Spanned the Ages (played one hour)

Plenty of testers. Good!

Violence is the answer this time.

Score: 5

Duel in the Snow: played 30 minutes

That which is present works (though there are some undirected parts), but the story as a whole seems to be half-revealed.

Score: 6

The Grand Quest: played 30 minutes

Very sparsely implemented puzzleboxes (gives the player a whistle, but doesn't accept BLOW WHISTLE, PLAY WHISTLE, or USE WHISTLE; there are a few weapons, but won't even allow the player to use them on the snake at the end). The card puzzle is beyond tedious (and no hint is given as to what effect the boxes have.

Score: 3 X

Condemned: Played 20 minutes (not played to completion)

The email address suggests "Mark Jones", author of PETS and When Machines Attack. Has he learned and gotten some proofreaders this time?
Well, I didn't notice any blatant errors, but the game failed to hook me. After an unmotivated action (DROP NAILS), I quit.

Score: 2 X

zork, buried chaos (played 10 min, not palyed to completion)

"As good looking as ever." No tester credits. Not good omens.

Minimally implemented dungeon crawl.

Score: 1 X

Byzantine Perspective: played 15 minutes

Nice tester list; "x me" overridden. Good start.

Overall, it's an interesting gimmick, and it's executed competently, but the game is rather small. It needed some more substance.

Score: 5

Snowquest: played 30 minutes

The game was fine during the early parts, when it was about a concrete story about surviving the cold. At the increasingly symbolic parts of the snowfield, I stopped caring.

Score: 4

Interface: played 30 minutes

I don't mind that the game was very old-school, but it needed some more polish; I noticed a number of places where there were excess spaces, or capitalized words that shouldn't be, but didn't run into any bugs as far as the programming went. I ultimately won with 70 points out of 90 (using the hints, I later got an additional 5 for opening the garage but otherwise don't know what I missed).

Score: 5

The Believable Adventures of an Invisible Man: played 30 minutes, not played to completion

"undo" doesn't work. I'm really curious how the author messed that one up.
Plenty of rooms are underdescribed. (Some rooms, like my lab at the university, even lacked an exit list.) It needed more effort on syntax. (I went through quite a few phrasings before I was able to throw the pizza out the window. Had I not been told that was the solution in the hints, I would have changed tacks long before. "Walking through doors" text is sometimes printed when the door is locked.

In short, while this could have been an interesting game if it had been fully polished, it should have gotten much more work before being entered.

Score: 3 X

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