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Comp 2011: Blind, Ship of Whimsy

General comments: I rank games relative to each other. The best game in the comp gets a 10; the worst gets a 1. Games which show at least basic technical proficicency generally rank 4-10; games which do not, or which are too lightweight, generally get 1-3. In addition, I will sometimes flag a score with an asterisk
to show I thought it was particularly good, or an X to show it was particularly flawed.

Transcripts are available to any author who asks.

Game 1: Blind, by Arman

First impressions: The title and blurb made me think of Aayela.

Played 1 hour.

No CREDITS verb was implemented. While the game is playable, it hasn't been well-polished.

Important verbs weren't implemented. I wanted to try breaking down the doors, but wasn't allowed to try. I wanted to try chewing my way out of the restraints, BITE and CHEW weren't implemented; EAT gave a fallthrough. Even if those approaches don't work, the attempt should be noticed.

There's a votive candle you can light, but can't extinguish. (At least BLOW OUT, EXTINGUISH, UNLIGHT, TURN OFF, and PUT CANDLE IN SINK THEN TURN ON SINK didn't work.)

You can't UNDO after the end of the game.

Some of the logic hasn't been thought through.
The kidnapper makes his way down to the generator very quickly after you turn it off. With the generator shut off and no mention of windows, wouldn't the basement be dark? There's no mention of a flashlight. Also, how does he get back up through the basement door?

There's some loose change, but trying to put it into the fusebox won't work.

The extras indicate that the author had put thought into alternate solutions; some good betatesters could have really improved the game. I'm interested in how much of the world was actually implemented.

And don't forget hinges. There should have been some consideration to trying to remove them.

In short, a middle of the road game.

Score: 5

Ship of Whimsey, played 15 minutes

No CREDITS. ABOUT didn't list testers. At least source code is provided. "As good-looking as ever."

Using shipboard directions was annoying. Requiring them on ship, especially with the ship still docked, even more so. Having to mix them with compass directions? REALLY ANNOYING.

The game is short, though what was there was competently executed. The description of the coracles indicated that the ship was actually quite small, though this wasn't otherwise shown much.

The ending was a slap in the face, but considering that the crew couldn't figure out the relatively simple problems, I doubt they'll get where they're going.

In short, a game that succeeds at its goals, but is too lightweight to score highly.

Score: 4

Overall, while neither game is a stand-out, I am looking forward to playing the rest of the comp.

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