ralphmerridew (ralphmerridew) wrote,

IF comp 08 reviews

General comments on scoring:
I rank games relative to each other; I give a 1 to the absolute worst and a 10 to the best, with the other games scored in between, and try to give 1-3 to games that I did not enjoy overall, that show significant flaws, or that I feel to be lightweight. (I also care more about distinguishing the high-ranking games than the low-ranking games.) In addition, I will give a "*" to any game which I think is something special, an "X" to any game with enough problems that I wonder "Why did this person think this game was worth entering?"

Game 1: Dracula's Underground Crypt (played 30 minutes)

Right off the bat, I noticed "As good looking as ever.", a missing space after "design" and the long list of ordinary objects. The slab of granite is mentioned before I find it. Books are called "first book", "second book", "third book", instead of something related to their titles. "about"/"credits" didn't work. "Drop book" was silent. The thermostat causes objects on the mantle to shake, even when there aren't any. "Benefit" is spelled "benfit".

While the later parts of the game did have some interesting bits, the game as a whole just wasn't tested. I think it would a mid-ranking game, had it been better tested, though.

Score: 3 X

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